Bad Debt Management System

Bad Debt Management System (BDMS) is an All in one platform that handles the end-to-end life cycle of bad debtors and the collection agencies


Main Features

System Features

  • Web based, Dynamic and easy to use application
  • Highly available, highly scalable and OS Independent system
  • Functions, roles and pages user privileges assignment
  • Seamless integration with billing and dunning

Bad Debt

  • Bad debtor’s candidate list generation
  • Bad debtors’ assignment to agencies based on multiple criteria
  • Distribution among the employees within the agency
  • Tracking for the status of each debtor
  • Reassignment of debtors from agency to another
  • Payment’s agreement management and monitoring

External Agencies

  • Definition of commissioning scheme per agency
  • Collection batches upload based on configured approval process
  • Collection batches upload based on configured approval process
  • Waivers and discounts management
  • Payments agreement management and monitoring


  • Set of predefined reports
  • Dynamic reporting module to build your own reports
  • Scheduled reports
  • Ability to export reports in multiple formats

360 Customer Overview

  • Multi criteria search functionality
  • Full customer profile
  • Invoices and payments history
  • Next actions for each invoice
  • Actions timeline

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